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Our primary focus is to safeguard investments at all times, ensure monetary stability and maintain consistent growth in profit. We achieve the above through balanced investments in LOW; MEDIUM and HIGH-risk platforms that we select. CONSERVATIVE FORMS OF INVESTMENTS ON OFFER ARE THE PREFERRED STRATEGY WHILST STILL OFFERING OUR TARGET REQUIREMENT OF IDEALLY 120% RETURN PER ANNUM. Risk profiles are continuously updated. The strategic expansion of our platform choices and underlying product ranges is scheduled to take 12 to 18 months and will include a full complement of HYIPs, trading bots, copy trading, trend trading, and trading tips. The goal is to also include cryptocurrency investments, HODLing or earning returns, stable bullion-related products, traditional aggressive funds targeting 120% per annum in returns, and crypto earning opportunities. Moving into ICOs, IPOs, and purchased high return opportunities for stock and option or crypto trades, is also on the cards in the medium-term. Extensive research on all HYIP is routinely conducted resulting in a consistently updated scam score system that affects platforms choices. The scam score guides our entry and exit. Surprises may still be forthcoming as was the case recently with Axtrader that went from a scam score of 20 (a relatively low and good score) to 100 (full scam), overnight. This however will be the exception, not the rule. 

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