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Investors are focused on higher profits than can be earned in the fiat system. However, investors face a labyrinth of challenges/minefields and do not necessarily have the expertise or time for detailed duo diligence processes.  It is not easy to identify occasions where offers seem too good to be true. The service that MoneySense focuses on is to provide HIYP that are already thoroughly investigated. THE AIM IS TO CONSOLIDATE THE TOP 2% INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES TO MITIGATE RISK AND SO OPTIMALLY SAFEGUARD YOUR INVESTMENT. As we increase our education, learn lessons, and adapt, so does that of scammers. Hence, MoneySence has included a potential loss factor into the expected returns to ensure that expectations are still met. A series of unique value-added services and products are also lined up for future inclusion. In conclusion, commissions derived are a very small share of the profits earned which ensures the ongoing development of platforms.  This means we are ONLY rewarded for our performance. IF WE PERFORM POORLY, OUR PROFIT MARGINS ARE NEGLIGIBLE TO ZERO. You will never be offered something that will not benefit you.

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